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ULEV Hackney Taxi Financial Support application form


We are encouraging hackney taxi drivers to make their next taxi an Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) to support our Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicle Strategy 2017-2020. To encourage uptake of ULEV hackney taxis The Council is offering a package of financial support. Please apply below, and read the terms and conditions.

Application form

1. Please select the financial support you want to receive

You will receive a 100% discount on your initial vehicle application (year 1) and two renewal vehicle applications (year 2 and 3). Three MOT vehicle tests during this period will also be discounted 100%. Total value £819.

You will receive a financial contribution of £1,200 towards the first year’s insurance of your new ULEV taxi. Plan Insurance will also offer a £50 discount on your policy. Total value £1,250.

The council will fund the vehicle livery (which includes the NCC crest/My Taxi logo and white roof) of your new ULEV taxi. Total value £180.

The Council will fund the supply and installation of a new taxi meter (value up to £265)

2. Please provide your details

Charge point will be installed here if the option is selected. We will use this address to send documentation you need to sign.

3. Please confirm you meet the following criteria

De Minimis declaration

Please ensure you understand your obligations under De Minimis - here you can find the De Minimis aid declaration form.

If you have never received de Minimis funding in the past, you do not need to attach a completed form. We will send you a letter which you need to sign and return for our records.

If you have received funding in the past, please complete the declaration, and attach to this web form.

4. Declaration

In submitting my application I agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as set out in the section immediately below.
I accept that Nottingham City Council is under no obligation to make any award.

Terms and conditions

1. The following definitions apply to these terms and conditions

  • You/Your means the applicant who must be the vehicle registered keeper;
  • We/Our/Us means Nottingham City Council;
  • Charging Point means the ‘smart’ technology taxi home charging point;
  • Charge Card means the pre-paid card to be used at the local D2N2 charging points and publically accessible Chargemaster charging points across the UK;
  • Eligibility Criteria means criteria that You must meet to get the Charging Point;
  • Grant Award means the funding that We will provide through Our ULEV taxi financial support. This could cover Vehicle Licensing Fees, Home Charging Point/Charge Card, a contribution towards Your Insurance costs for the first year only, Vehicle Livery and Taxi Meter installation. Your Grant Award will be confirmed in writing to You by Us.
  • Installation means the works carried out to supply and install the Charging Point and its connection to the electricity supply;
  • Insurance means the vehicle insurance policy that You must take out through Plan Insurance;
  • Working Days means any day other than a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday in England;
  • Vehicle Fees means the vehicle licensing fee and associated MOT fee which is paid annually to Us.
  • Vehicle Livery means the vehicle decals and logos which must be present to comply with Our licensing policy.
  • Vehicle Meter means the taxi meter that calculates the cost of each fare.

2. You will

  1. provide any documents required by Us;
  2. notify Us of any change in your circumstances which could affect your right to receive any of the financial support you have applied for. This could include any sale or change of vehicle, change of address or suspension/loss of your driving or taxi licence;
  3. notify NCC if at any time You no longer meet the Eligibility Criteria;
  4. only be able to receive financial support on one occasion and no future applications will be accepted.
Home Charge Point
  1. grant NCC all necessary access to your property to allow NCC (or any of its contractors) to install the Charging Point;
  2. obtain at Your own cost all necessary permissions for the Installation Works to be carried out at your property, including any mortgage consent or landlord consent.
  3. be responsible for ensuring that Your home insurance covers the Charging Point;
  4. be responsible for ALL electricity charges incurred due to the use of the Charging Point. For the avoidance of doubt the Grant Award is for Installation Works and the Charging Point only and all ongoing costs are Your responsibility (e.g. charging costs and maintenance of the Charging Point after the 3-year warranty has expired);
  5. allow Our representatives to observe the use of the Charging Point following its installation;
  6. be responsible for any removal or repositioning costs following installation of the Charging Point
  7. own and be responsible for the safe use and operation of the Charging Point once installed;
  8. contact us up to 5 Working Days before the installation of the Charging Point if You no longer want the Charging Point. If you contact Us after this time You may be liable to pay any reasonable costs incurred by Us;
Charge Card
  1. remain responsible for the Charge Card and will not allow others to use it;
  2. contact Chargemaster immediately if you have lost or had your Charge Card stolen;
  3. be responsible for paying for electricity charges used on the Chargemaster network once the pre-paid incentive has been used or expired.
  1. contact Plan Insurance to secure Your vehicle insurance policy premium;
  2. pay the additional costs of the policy above the Grant Award;
  3. be able to cancel the insurance policy in accordance with the policy conditions. If You cancel in the first year and any refund of paid premiums are due Plan Insurance will pay Us an amount equivalent to the Grant Award and any remaining amount will be paid to You.
  4. contact the insurance provider in the event of an accident or claim in the normal way. For avoidance of doubt, We only pay a contribution towards the first year of the Insurance policy. It is Your responsibility to speak with Your insurance provider on any insurance matters relating to Your policy.
Vehicle Fees
  1. submit all necessary paperwork to Us (Taxi Licensing, Byron House) each year in order to be eligible for the Grant Award;
  2. notify Us if you sell your vehicle.
Taxi Meter
  1. arrange for the installation of a new taxi meter
  2. submit all necessary paperwork to Us as evidence of the meter supplied and installed in Your ULEV hackney taxi

3. We will:

  1. not make any direct payments to you or provide any benefits or amounts other than as set out in any Grant Award letter to You;
  2. stop making any further payments if Your circumstances change so that you no longer meet the Eligibility Criteria;
  3. only use Your personal data in accordance with:
    • Our privacy statement;
    • Our obligations under the Data Protection Act 2015 and General Data Protection Regulations ((EU) 2016/679); and
    • As required as the Installer of the Charging Point
  4. contact You within five Working Days from the date You receive written confirmation that You have been awarded a taxi home Charging Point to arrange a mutually convenient date to attend Your property and discuss Installation;
  5. carry out the Installation with Our approved contractors;
  6. not start any Installation until We are satisfied that You have the appropriate permissions in place as required under clause 2(e & f);
  7. not carry out any Installation if we have any concerns regarding suitability of your property for the installation of the Charging Point, or if your circumstances have changed and You no longer meet the Eligibility Criteria;
  8. not carry out any works other than those agreed for the Installation;
  9. supply the Charging Point with a 3year manufacturer’s warranty;
  10. award one charging point per ULEV hackney taxi registered keeper.

4. Liability

  1. Neither You or We will exclude or limit liability for:
    • Death or personal injury caused by negligence;
    • Fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation;
    • Any other matter on respect of which, as a matter of law, liability cannot be excluded or limited.
  2. There shall be no liability for You or Us for any indirect or consequential loss, damage or injury.
  3. Our total liability to you will be limited to £10,000.00 (ten thousand pounds).