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Workplace Travel Service: Express your interest online

To see how our Workplace Travel Service can help to reduce staff travel costs, improve staff health, fitness and wellbeing, reduce local road congestion, and to save you money, please complete the following expression of interest.

Our specialist team or travel advisors will then contact you within 14 days to help your business, whether you are new to travel planning or want to build on existing programmes.

Please note Nottingham City Council deliver this service in partnership with ULEV Experience and Active Travel. For further information, please contact our workplace travel advisors

Peter Saunders, Direct line: 0115 8765640
Richard Mallender, Direct line: 0115 8763387

Or contact


All data provided by you now, or by any other representative of your business in the future, will be treated as strictly confidential and in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018.  The data will only be used for the purposes stated and will only be passed onto ULEV Experience consortia (Cenex, Drive Electric, Energy Savings Trust & Cleantech), and Active Travel (Sustainable Travel Collective, Ridewise & Sustrans) and not to any other third parties.

Please tick the box below if you are happy for the information to be used in this way.

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We need to know this as it affects the amount of grant aid you are eligible to apply for.

In order to minimise distortion of competition the European Commission sets limits on how much assistance can be given without its prior approval to organisations operating in a competitive market. You should note carefully the requirements and the obligations. If you have any queries please see and

Under EC Regulation 1407/2013 (De minimis Aid Regulation) the support provided via this grant is classed as De minimis aid. Under the regulations, there is a ceiling of €200,000 (€100,000 for undertakings in the road freight transport sector) for all De minimis aid provided to any one organisation over a three fiscal year period (i.e. your current fiscal year and previous two fiscal years). Any De minimis aid provided to you under this scheme will be relevant if you wish to apply, or have applied, for any other De minimis aid.